She'd run
from the shelter
of the old


corrugated shed
to the shelter
of the trees


you followed
seeing her ahead
happy to be away


from school
a job lined up 
and you too


glad to be away
from the brain washing
and having that job


at the garage
to begin
and she ran


through the narrow rides
of the wood
knowing you


were behind her
looking back
at you as


she ran
and past
the small pond


and she stood there
looking at it
the pond water


by cast away tins
and rubbish


and she said
not what it used to be
and you stood


beside her looking
at the still pond
the brown water


and she said
I used to come here
as a little girl


and bathe here
with my sister
wish I'd known


you said
before you came
she said


we were only 8 or 9
as were you


so it wouldn’t have
amounted to much
depressing seeing it


like this
she added

let's go elsewhere


you said
go to the our lake

she smiled


yes you remember
our name
for the large pond 


so you both
walked on
and over


the wooden fences
and across the field
by cows


avoiding cow pats
and over
by the lake


where she sat
on the grass


at the clear water
the ducks swimming there
fish under


the water's skin
just visible
do you remember


when we first
came here?
she asked


you nodded
we were so
shy together


we just about
found words
to speak


and our fingers
nearly touched
and I blushed


and it was
so innocent
so white


and silky
and that first kiss
that was so magical


so non-sexual
and she laughed
and you sat beside her


and said
are all first kisses
like that


do you think?
ours was
she said


you thought on it
so unexpected
so unplanned


a full moon
lips warming


softly wet
and she turned
to you there


sitting by the lake
and gave another kiss


more tongue
and warmth


more sexual
and sensual
and the ducks


and fish
the water's skin


cared not
if it was love
or lust


or grace
or sin.

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