The Silent War: We the People vs. The Wealthy

by Jeph Johnson


During the era of "the red scare" Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev came to the United States and said the following:

“We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within” (or something similar).


John Birch Society right-wingers used this quote (and several others like it...see the link below) to remind us of the threat of evil communism; a communism brought on by what they saw as a slow and steady dosage of socialism (also see the link I posted).


 This mentality treated socialism like some sort of "gateway drug" leading us all like junkies into the vile depravity of communism.


Well our country has gone the opposite direction because socialism is practiced quite successfully by responsible governments all over the world who are surprisingly not ruled by Russia or an oligarchy.


Sadly the United States is neither practicing socialism nor do we have a stable and responsible government anymore.


The entourage surrounding our president are the same cretins, only they've now grown out of their John Birch Society onesies and are donning alt-right business suits!


There's a reason you seldom hear of the John Birch Society anymore, it's because they got it backwards, they railed against communism, which was never really a threat to us.


No, it was our own capitalism that Khrushchev witnessed and brilliantly foretold that would eventually be our downfall.

The very quote the far right used to use to scare us into opposing communism they're now downplaying, because it's ironically coming true: we are being destroyed from within!


And just as Russia's socialism was not put in check and it morphed into communism, our unchecked capitalism has morphed our country into a fascist oligarchy almost overnight.


It appears to me that by our presidential campaigns either actually colluding with Russia or even getting us to think there may have been collusion, that that is enough to reek chaos in our media and government.


So regardless of whether any actual collusion occurred, we've nonetheless installed an enept, egomaniacal and inconsistent buffoon as president.


You're seeing the ineptitude of our politicians and the erosion of our democracy creep each and every day, on the news, and by both sides of our government.


The Left (D) is eating itself alive with politically correct infighting and bickering that shifts the focus away from getting money out of politics what's to whichever liberal cause will best line their wallets.


The Right (R) is frantically trying to get their regressive agendas in place for the wealthy before "we the people" catch on.


That's why nothing of substance is getting done.

What is getting accomplished by both parties is promotion of out of control capitalism that our country has allowed to flourish and become the "destruction from within" that has Khrushchev smiling in his grave.


Yes, rogue capitalism has invaded from within and they control most everything including our prison system.

The silent war has begun.


Laws are now being made by the wealthiest corporations (the 1%) who control politicians like puppet masters and keep us in slavery due to low wages, debt or over incarceration (or all three).


Things are deteriorating rapidly; we've so many homeless people now that there are literal camps all over the city.

Our prisons are overcrowded with people convicted of victimless crimes.


People who can't always feed their families are enslaved to debt from bloated school loans.


Even more people are suffering and dying from opting out of medical care due to not having insurance and/or obscene medical costs.


All of this is fueled by rogue capitalism.

What we misunderstood as a threat was really a warning and is sounding less and less crazy every day.


A country led by oligarchs rather than "the people" is so weakened that it wouldn't take a lot of effort for a foreign country to conquer it.


"The people" who believe in progressive causes, yet are complacent, might not even put up a fight and go willingly.


So let's get motivated and take our country back!

We can only do this by getting money out of politics and eliminating the financial profit incentive for things that we deem as necessities.


Politicians should be individuals serving the people:

Many cite term limits as a bandaid fix, but term limits are for the lazy electorate, which we no longer should be.




Name recognition generally should dissuade you from voting for someone not the other way around.




Get out and vote!


Inform others!


Get them to open their eyes!


Outlaw paid lobbiests altogether and elect politicians who support overturning Citizens United.


Only vote for politicians who propose getting money out of politics in their platform, or the rare incumbents who have actually fought to do that.


Until then, it won't take much for a foreign country to conquer us.


And it just might happen without any shots fired.

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