Hopes and Fears for Dolly

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


I fear grandiose sounding words may scare you away.  But it is a risk I must take. For without words all the majestic radiance you emit into this world is muted or muddled.  I propose to document it for the world by paying forward your majesty in photographic imagery, poetry and prose.  Why?  Because this world needs to experience more of the happiness your smile has given me!  

In short, I want you as my muse.

I'm also looking forward to you kneeling in front of me. You probably think it's because of your amazing fellatio skills. I won't lie. That thought often crosses my mind!  But it is much more complex than that.

I cherish the opportunity to allow my arms to be a pillar of safety, comfort and security for you; a refuge from strife. A place where you can be comfortable in your own skin, without judgment.  A place to go to let go your emotions of anger, sadness, doubt, fear and frustration and instead indulge in happiness, laughter and sometimes passion and excitement  Rest assured in my arms you can feel mentally and physically safe.  I will take care of you when you have trouble taking care of yourself. 

And though I long to have you fall to your knees in submission to me, I may sometimes require your strength to stand up and challenge me when I have doubts and fears or make mistakes too.  

Because of our open dialogue and by attempting to utilize non violent communication techniques I hope to eliminate emotionally abusive behaviors I may otherwise be tempted to unintentionally display when taking a dominant role in your life. 

I want to wrap my arms around you and force every negative influence that's in your life out into the void with love like you've never experienced.  

I want to personally fulfill or initiate fulfillment of every desire you have and leave you expecting more.  Because your value is immeasurable to me, that is a very realistic goal. 

Your wants and needs never should be compromised and will not be if I have a say in the matter. The only caveat being I have not immeasurable resources at my beck and call.  

Amidst the magic you've proven to be a very talented, realistic, capable and driven woman.  

Outside the bedroom I want to share with you laughter, happiness and beauty.  

I not only hope to share our artistic passions, I want us to discuss and analyze them together.

I hope to keep you on task and fully support your schooling and career goals. 


Along with this confession of my hopes and fears, I want to  study your hopes, fears, wants and needs continuously and have us both communicate when they change or when our needs are not being met. 

In the bedroom and the dungeon I want to wrestle with and bring forth unbridled ecstasy in levels like neither of us have ever experienced.

I have confidence in my creativity to provide you unlimited sexual adventures.  I may or may not end up being the best lover you've ever had but I am confident you'll have the most exciting sexual experiences by my side.

I vow to never intentionally take advantage of you. Everything I will ask of you personally I desire to enjoy along with you with your enthusiastic consent. 

I hope to fill a unique role in your life that might otherwise go unfulfilled or underappreciated. 

There's no denying everyone's life whom your magical spirit touches is made more beautiful. I am well aware you could have any man you want. But some may just not have the depth of character or capacity in their emotions to fully appreciate you. I do. I have supreme confidence in that! 

So while my fear was that seemingly grandiose words might scare you away, my hope is that the confidence I display using and backing up those words continues to be attractive to you.   And someday I can be your Daddy and you can be my 





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2019, for Dolly

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