Demonizing John McEnroe is Counterproductive

by Jeph Johnson


Now that John McEnroe has given his opinion by answering questions from his book in an interview, will this create another "Battle of the Sexes" gimmick match like those that happened in the 70s and 80s?


Let's hope not.


It once again would be an unfair battle that doesn't prove anything because McEnroe is not in his prime the same way Bobby Riggs wasn't in his prime when he took on the highest ranked female (Billie Jean King) and "lost" (most forget he beat female identified Margaret Court four months earlier).


This controversy does bring up some interesting food for thought on the separation of sports into two genders. Many people (myself included) agree gender is a fluid construct. I get it, saying she would be ranked at #700 - and that he could still beat her - is a lot like saying "All Lives Matter" to the BLM supporter, but that doesn't negate the fact that all lives still do matter. After a police shooting having the audacity to say "All Lives Matter" is insensitive, but when rescuing children from a burning building "all lives matter" becomes a very appropriate cry.


She probably would be ranked somewhere around #700. Who knows?


Just as the best WNBA player still has yet to even sit at the far end of an NBA bench. 


It seems most people are appalled that McEnroe even brought this up, but I'm curious as to why we as a civilized society don't take a more serious look at this subject and his claim.


If I'm not mistaken, Title 9 says "separate but equal" regarding gender equality for our schools. But professional sports are still dictated by Capitalism (ie "money"), and though a "one off- male vs female" match might generate a ton of money, it still would be treated as a mere novelty or publicity stunt and wouldn't prove a thing...unless Serena Williams took on Murray, Nadal, Federer etc.


Some of the inconsistencies in the gender equity struggle have made me cringe. Take the bathroom "controversy", all bathrooms should be gender neutral. This would basically end any reasonable argument. But if one's genitals work better for urination while standing up at a urinal, then allow them to use a urinal. The key word is "allow" not mandate. If someone feels more comfortable waiting for a stall and sitting, then they should be allowed to do that. Ones gender identity needs not, and SHOULD NOT be brought into it.


Marriage should have been left solely to those practicing religion. Leave the state out of it. If one must have what we now accept as "marital rights" and tax breaks for raising families, then let the state issue civil unions to any who request them. Gender identity or who one desires sexually should be of no relevance.


Ms. Williams has put herself in the position of being the best female tennis player in the world by BEING THE BEST FEMALE TENNIS PLAYER IN THE WORLD. So humbly asking to be removed from McEnroe's conversation is unfortunately not really an option for her.


I'm all for making rules where gender equity is promoted but there's a responsibility for those being included to step up and actually start being included (begin co-participating) and see where you'd be ranked.


Being ranked #700 in the world is pretty darn good by the way. It is a very interesting question that John McEnroe has every qualification to be asked about.


I'm curious as to why people are so up in arms that he's even brought it up when this is exactly the sort of thing that we as a society hoping to be gender inclusive should be discussing.


Instead of dismissing his claims, Serena should accept his assessment or counter with "I'd be more like #___", or better yet, work for creation of an all-gendered tennis league so it can be proven.


I suppose my comments might seem controversial considering many of my friends are transgender and/or gender fluid, but I think I'm being consistent with the ideal of harmoniously progressing the agenda of gender equality.


Thoughts? I'd really love to hear views and opinions on this.


Basically other than potential insensitivity what is untrue or wrong about John McEnroe stating his opinion as to where he thinks Serena Williams would be ranked if we had competitive tennis where gender was not an issue?


We're not supposed to make assumptions regarding a person's gender identity so comparing tennis players collectively seems to make sense. This is why I'm confused why anyone (especially on the left) would be upset.


If it's just because we think McEnroe is a "conservative misogynistic sexist" who has no right to speak, then this feeds into the narrative that the left are a bunch of snowflakes who are not for free speech and frankly that sickens me to be portrayed that way.

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