"Please Ask Her, Then Cross Your Fingers"

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


Please ask her, then wait until she consents,
If she later regrets it they'll doubt your intent.

Crossing her boundaries is your biggest fear
You ask all the questions, yet she still isn't clear

Make sure to not tell her you think she's pretty
For mis-timed compliments may seem predatory

Please ask to kiss her, and act nonchalant,
Use no tongue, for a pucker might be all that she wants

Please ask if she wants to, but not more than once
And never ever, God forbid, ask her at a munch!

If she ever says "yes" then you must ask all the time
While scene continuity is lost and maligned

Think of a safeword you both memorize
Then pretend that you hear it when she looks in your eyes

Please ask if she minds being thrown o'er your knee
Knees might be a trigger; you'd not otherwise see!

Please ask if she wants you, if she has before
Matters not, for she just might not want anymore!

Don't ask to rip things, for who knows her mood
Tearing her clothing might come across rude

In fact to be safe, just don't ask at all
Sit back and watch others screw up protocol

Because false accusers we must always embrace
Real abusers and rapists just laugh in our face

When you've been accused of something you didn't do
One misconception easily turns into two

And then three, and then four and then everyone doubts
"It's a pattern" they warn everyone in the house

But the only pattern discerning eyes see
Are social justice dogs of war barking up the wrong tree.

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