"Blame the Victim"

by Jeph Johnson


I left behind my new lover on the side of the road

She had worked so much harder to take on your heavy load

Yes, a true love laid to rest along the interstate

I can't believe in my love when my faith's in your hate

My weak and weathered heart you've completely worn out

I'm through with this uncertainty beyond the shadow of a doubt

No, I didn't love her half as much as I loved you

So it's your goddamned fault we can't continue!

The complicated reason she's not what I'm looking for

Is that she deserves love from me a thousand times more

The love I tried to give to her can never be renewed

I have none left for her because I gave it all to you

This complicated boy is the grown man I've become

Fallen prey to expectations, yes I've succumbed

I know a love built so quickly is not really finite

Unless the conviction of the victim is resigned and contrite

I've taken on your guilt and I've felt all your shame

I know the victim is me but the victim is to blame

I'd be a much better person if I wasn't so honest

Maybe even love her back if it was your love I was promised



Author's Notes/Comments: 

2017, 2019 (revised version of "The Ruined")

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