"Half Woke"

by Jeph Johnson


Sometimes I wink to show the world I'm half woke

But then the world thinks I'm mansplaining to folx

I'm not always right though it's left how I vote

Yeah I'm white, but like you on payday I'm broke

I'm not in charge though that's what my forefathers said

I'm too large to not sleep alone in my bed

Noticing a blonde's measurements causes scandal

Yeah I'm privileged beyond what most can handle

I'm too loud to be effectively heard

And not proud unless it's because I'm a nerd

Which I'm not, so I'm a somethin' or other "phobe"

Perfecting my plot of status quo on the globe

In truth I just don't wanna feel uptight

Or uncouth to finally see the light

But that's now what it takes in this world to be free

I just wish it didn't have to be me

But it does, my white cis het brothers

We need to cast aside our druthers

So perhaps in the distance a future generation

Can indeed see America as a great nation

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