"The Enormity of Conformity"

by Jeph Johnson


I am not fulfilled until
I belong to a fellowship or guild
Believing the worst I'm cursed
To first rehearse in a chaotic universe
With those who don't feel real until
Turning the wheel of a fate that's sealed
With almanacs they double back
To track the zodiac with facts
Yet overt tropes in their horoscopes
Can barely even rock the boat
With no restrictions on vague predictions
The feeblest mind can fathom fiction
Spouting words that merge absurdly
With reason more or less covertly
Like a swarm of bees that torment me;
The enormity of mob conformity
Changes my trajectory
To be what they expect from me;
A skeptical robot of logic who thought
He just might not yet get caught
But here's the rub: I'm not above;
My fandom remains human love.

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