"My Reality"

by DaddyO


We texted on a dark dreary p.m. morning
I was on my way to a concrete graveyard
Her reply did not give much warning
She was on her way home without a car
So both of us on buses going different directions
I wished her well on her way
She made it home after three connections
Then texted me back the next day
"Sorry" she said then told me the truth
She was seduced by his spell again
Uttered "The chemistry's right", albeit uncouth
I'm left all alone to complain
Our last encounter had left me confused
Though I tried hard to understand
To bring her to my place would have felt like abuse
So I took her home and just held her hand
I had rented a car for our weekend excitement
And chauffeured her like royalty
But two days in a row were akin to indictment
A poet's intensity must sure seem that way
So I guess once again I won't get what I want
While someone else has more than they need
When my cup overflows I don't act nonchalant
That's not how I love or concede
But apparently that's how I need to react
Responding without much adieu
Play my weak hand from deck that is stacked
While trying to forget about you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2017, for Kitty

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