"Assholes, Impeach Trump So I..."

Rex Songs' Remixes
by Rex Songs

Ready or not here he comes
I told you that he shouldn't run
Assholes, impeach Trump so my
Democracy will survive.

There's a shame we feel today,
Donald Trump is his name.

Oh ready or not, here he comes,
I told you that he shouldn't run

Immigrants have to find a hiding place.
Times have changed.  

With the right wing behind ya,
Corruption will find ya.

Assholes, impeach Trump so I
Can have a country where the skies
Are not lit up with madmen's schemes;
Missiles raining down on me.

He screws up everywhere he goes
And takes the country to a new low. 

"Great" has become maligned,
Reality misaligned.

With Fox News behind ya,
Bigotry will find ya.

Assholes, impeach Trump in time
For our once great country to survive. 

Chaos is what we've been shown
By his cocky delusionary tone. 

Democrats just bitch and moan
While Republicans leave him alone. 

If he resigns his cover's blown 
Inhis mind that's all he knows...
Right now.
I'll remind you that the ebb and flow
Has ebbed passed sanity's plateau. 

We must prosecute his misdeeds in time,
All his crimes!

When Nazis wine and dine you
Fascism will find you.

Ready or not here we go;
Politics are a reality TV shit show. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 
2017. Song parody of "Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie" by Jay & the Techniques
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