"Looking Up"

by Jeph Johnson


Every night since you've gone

I've looked up.  

Walking back home from where I am now, I go to where we were then.


Ursa Major was our point of reference.


Elbowing one another on a summer night each time a shooting star flashed passed. 


On a backyard blanket we'd point and squint at faint blip sattellites traversing the heavens.  


I remember arguing that they might have little green men inside.


"Maybe," you said. 


I was just overimagining but you knew the only answer necessary was acknowledging a little boy's curiosity. 


Meteorologists call it rain. But really it's a process where my tears can combine with everyone else who remembers and nature can collectively process the pain.


I take a break from the rest of the world with these walks


Every day since you've gone

I've looked up.  

Walking home from where I was then, I arrive to where I am now.


As I grow older the clouds only look like clouds.


But back then we'd walk together pointing.


"That one looks like a turtle" I said.


"It really does" you smiled.


That was all I needed... 


Confirmation that we were together in spirit.


Looking up reminds me we still are.


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