"It's Not My Fault Either"

by Jeph Johnson

     You cry again...

The reason isn't me this time
     You try again...
But he's broke your heart and been unkind

     "I told ya so"
Are not the words you want to hear
     I feel so low
Because it's me I want you near

     It's not enough
For you to know I love you so
     He's called your bluff
Yet you refuse to let him go

     This can't be real,
You're with him while I'm all alone
     This whole ordeal
Uproots every seed we've sown

     Another night

Has left me longing for what we lost
     You're out of sight
I'm exed out by his double cross

     Is this the end
Of everything I hoped we'd be?
     I can't pretend
A lie's the new reality

     What do I do
To move on without you by my side?
     I guess it's true
Shame's way slipperier than pride

     We're both to blame
For getting in this mess somehow
     It's such a shame
That we are both unhappy now

     Listen to me
And things could be like they once were
     Can't you see?
I guess not, and I don't even know for sure


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