Why We Can't Let Machines Take Over: "Surmise"

by Jeph Johnson

(Based on an idea from a guitar player from a British band from the 60s)


Surmise there's no Nirvana
It's simple if you attempt
No torment underneath us
Over us simply ozone
Surmise every one of the citizens active for the present


Surmise there's no commonwealths
It isn't difficult to carry out
Nada to murder nor passing away for
And no unorthodoxy either


Surmise every one of the citizens active and awake in unity

You may claim I'm utopian
But I ain't the sole individual
I want to set some date where we all can unite
And the globe will assume oneness


Surmise not having belongings
I'm curious if you're able to
No requirement for gluttony or starvation
A comradery of people


Surmise every one of the citizens

Collectively utilizing every resource of the planet we're on

You may say I'm really hopeful
But I'm not alone in this belief
I plead eventually you'll be one of us
And earth will be united

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