"Lust (Our Eyes Met)"

by Jeph Johnson


Our eyes met, right then and there

She destroyed my dark despair
Acceptance neither of us questioned
Protected us from shared depression
Our eyes met, out of the box
Dreams we expressed unorthodox
Yes the grandeur of the most grandiose
Rainbowed as it drew us close
Surrounded and so safe from harm
Peacefully resting in my arms
Our lips met with an unruly bliss
Capturing chaos whenever we kissed
Savage passion became balanced between
The sheen of my magic and magic of her sheen
Our eyes met when we turned around
Celestial smiles eclipsed fleshly frowns
We inhaled each other deep and full
And exhaled categorically to console
Our eyes met but we didn't shake hands
We discovered too much to understand
So our robust lust at this point went lame
Or it may have been forever just as they claim

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