"Vanity Thorn"


by DaddyO 


She's such a bawdy burlesque show
We melt in her luminescent glow
Her body's bound to frequencies
Fine-tuned to our fantasies
The action's choreographed completely
Unveiled layer by layer discreetly
Her case won't rest 'til she displays
By flashing some "T" with exhibit "A"
She constructs this tease with flawless form
Delicious deviations from the norm
What we've donned is what she doffs
When prompting shouts of "take it off"
Much more regal and sequin-lined
Her vanity's not the useless kind
It's playful swagger and confident pride
Which becomes a thorn in many a side
That's why we stare and our jaws drop
When she sucks on a lolly pop
And tips her hat and saunters past
We put her first so the memory lasts

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2017, for Kim 

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