"Nervous Break-up"

by DaddyO


a famous piano man sang:
"It's either sadness
or euphoria"
but with no lover to
spark the flame
all I could feel
was dysphoria

so I went and took the
"sweet euphoria
or bitter sadness" quiz

and found for madness
it's not "reality or"
when the actuality is

it appeared
what didn't pertain,
actually applied
when I'd return
the yearning from
the tears she cried

so with sincere
and determined
and selfless
I explained how a
reaction junkie
needs a
sensation slut's

but she just wasn't it, not a fit
or a match;
an insignificant other
for my fascination
to attach
for there's just
not that much
to look forward to
when you've
killed yourself
this way
once before

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