"Associate Area"

by Jeph Johnson


She is warm, sweet, yet sticky arm candy
At my side without touching either arm
Her primary modus operandi:
"Friends until the end; can't do no harm"
The wild one who ignores her wants and needs
Is this boy that her worn-out heart desires
I petition my poor pathetic pleas
She silently smirks at our sad satire
The more my morose mood is memorized
The less lyrics for my soliloquy
Despite a mad'ning madrigal of cries
Men in my shoes wholeheartedly agree
She is a true trustworthy confidant
They might laugh and put us in the friend zone
If that's all she needs, then that's all I want
And it's much better than being alone

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2017,  for Genesee 

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