"Hello My Sarah"

by DaddyO


If even a smile from your face so pretty
Fancied for a minute my charms, and took pity
I'd still need a miracle to have even a chance
To bypass your mind to get into your pants
For an introductory message I'm hoping it's clear
That the words I write are what we both want to hear
With poetry I hesitate, is it even apropos?
But something resonated so I'm waving "hello"
You speak of a candlelight dinner together
I could feast on this food for thought forever!
When courting the complexities of mindful sentience
I don't always win but get honorable mentions
Perhaps we're too smart to define intelligence
Just as you're too divine to define elegance
Still your hourglass figure has my libido entertained
So smitten with "Sara", nothing ventured, nothing gained
For a song that might someday resonate for us
Contains your name in a beautiful babygirl chorus
As for us I can hope and perhaps plant a seed
You and I side by side might be too much indeed
At five foot four I'm almost an entire foot taller
But that's perfectly fine for I like someone smaller
So you want me well spoken, but well spoken of?
Opinions are as assorted as all those I've loved
I'm convinced there are plenty of domininant men
Hoping you'll submit before the night ends
So if we're not a match or our moods are opposed
Best of luck to you finding all you've proposed
My plea is apprehensive and a bit pathetic
But its rhyme is heartfelt, honest and poetic
In the meantime please don't be like all those before you
And return my message so I can begin to adore you

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