"The Mandela Affect"

by Jeph Johnson


life awakens
in the moment
outside the
realm of
a reality
cannot distort.


eyes seem
so important
but the blind
sense it too.


we see what we want
to hear and hear
what we want to see


and vice versa.


as each
(awaiting answers)
we foolishly
fathom the
we know
will not resolve:


questions frantically
stacked upon one another
in a relentless conflict.


does the monarch's wing
even consider what
part of the grand design
her history constructs
or how she conforms
into her version of eternity?


for the moment
just contemplate
the histrionics needed
for such a grandiose proposal.


Trump indeed
saw the celebration
of Jersey Muslims

and the massacre

at Bowling Green

because parallel universes
all look the same in space.


fate is fanciful
fanatical and
frankly, false.


it doesn't matter when
Nelson Mandela died,
it only matters that he
lived awake
in a moment
outside the
realm of
a reality
cannot interpret.

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