"Her Apple and His Orange"

by Jeph Johnson  


When your apple 

starts to overripen 

we toss him in 

the pie pile 

in the pantry. 


There are 

so many varieties; 

entire strains 

we've created 

solely for 

this reason. 


We don't even 

judge him

like we used to, 

before he can

be useful to us. 


Both the apple 

and the orange 

are generally 

edible fruit. 


The orange 

has thick skin

and her sweetness

is difficult to discern. 


The longer she rests 

on your shelf 

the more wizened 

and less desirable 

she becomes.   


One must go 

underneath the surface 

to savor her flavor 

and taste her true essence.  


Unless you 

desire bitterness, 

one must persistently 

peel away her rind 

with soft, gentle fingertips. 


She slashes

the thin skin

of the apple

with a paring knife

and washes it

down the disposal

in a swirling spiral

of casual nonchalance. 


On these special occasions 


bakes with a 

tempting aroma

her warm, goey, 




But everyday 


needs his glass 

of freshly squeezed 

vitamin C 

for his eyes to open. 


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