"Daytona Drag"

Hillbilly Smiles

by Jeph Johnson 


My heart's won pole position inside my pounding chest 

For this stunt there is no calculated prep or test.  

My adrenal glands are pumping; my circulatory system's clear 

Daytona dreaming all night, drunk on Fat Tire beer. 

My balding wheels are tired and bald, I'm spinning in the sand 

Racing 'round an oval like an aimless NASCAR fan 

Not losing it, I fly by night and everyone agrees 

So I rev my Red Barchetta and rush headlong through the trees 

The radio spirit of the trio Lifeson, Peart and Lee 

Somehow becomes the stoic spirit of Thelma and Louise!

I clutch the clutch, omit the brake, and then forget to shift 

Another careless Coupe de Ville careening off a cliff. 

After cranial loop de loops of restorative refrain 

The carnival stuntman done derails my rollercoaster brain

As I search for comfort, my weakness gets stronger. 

Tasting solace for a season but longing for it longer.

I choke the throttle, potholes plaster the concrete as I shift

I knock around, hitting every crater in the strip 

But solitude ain't solace; even with a white knuckle grip 

Then that drag strip in my mind that's caused me such loathing

Materializes as a dude slipping out of women's clothing 

See there's several words for happiness, and many more for drag 

But you'll never discover any by planting the checkered flag

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