Randomly Generated Predictive Text Poem #30: "The Cloth of an Oil Tank"

by Charles Bukowski and Jeph Johnson's LGStylo



As the poems go into the cloth of an oil tank 

Into the thousands you see the new club in this area 
Realize that you've been trying to get the ball rolling 

(But) you've created very little to be 
It comes down to the rain, the sunlight, 
The traffic, the nights

And the days of the years, the faces

And the apprehension of the United Arab state. 
Leaving this will be easier than living in the city of Chicago. 

It, typing one more line now

As I have to do with my family,  

In a couple of weeks. 
A man plays a piano through the radio industry

With a few of the other ones 
The best writers have said

Very little about you guys

And little things that are going to happen 
And the worst case scenario is that I have trouble 
Far too much.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

1992, 2017 

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