Randomly Generated Predictive Text Poem #25: "Singular Restaurants"

by Jeph Johnson's LGStylo


The seed of your body

is the most arbitrary of these games

and the other

is not a good solution

for me. 


I am absent

from the beginning of my career

and my experience

with a few of the people in the industry

is not a good thing. 


Here's the event

to get the new site

for a new one and only. 


Seems to be

the best way

to get a hold of me

for a while now. 


Restaurants are not twins

but I am not sure

if you are. 


Even if you are

a good person

and I am hungry

and tired.

I have to

do with the other people 

to be in a position

to get a new one

for me to do

with my life.


She'll have a great day

in a few days. 


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