sex is not a game


Love can be the world greates gift

the hugging, the kissing, the sex

your passion is not seen on you when you

open your legs but the passion is seen

when you grab, hold, and offer you kindness.

I see it, smell it, and taste your every pleasure

not by licking everybody, every part, every ear

your self kindness, and grace of thank...brings

joy to every bone, for what was done.

You affer kindness and was givin love

You affer help, and was givin passion

and what is your affer doesn't have to be

you body but you soul, your company and self

Sex, is sex but love is love, and should not be chained

together. for when they are the rules ar broken and

sex is will change the lives of both craving

each ways that aren't nessery...for when you crave

you hunger...and lusts.....and then consume.

So crave not the body, but the mind, spirt and soul.

by diana

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