It is what it is


Green as spring grass
Hit the ground running
Hard sole Leather upper Deep tread
Not a crack Solid black
" Left Left Your Left Right Left"
"HERO?" "Whats the most dangerous thing in the world?"
Don't know Drill Sergeant.
"You"....  " An Eighteen year old with a gun"
" Point you in a direction Sickem "
Hu Wahhh!!!! Drill Sergeant Kill them all let GOD sort them out.
"Young and Dumb... Young and Dumb..."

Yes I was

Forested needled floor night and day
Mount snow covered up and down
Heated sand Darkened skies
Now when in formation as I Stand
Not all the same pairs are to be found

Too many had littered the ground

Nine years, one injury DONE fuck me !
Refuse the check actually take offense
Special escort out

A little saddle soap, mink oil and some kiwi 
all shined up looking good as new
not showing my wear

I'm out Told my self I'm done
Won't have to walk through that anymore
Just ground regular ground 
Not littered with my friends 
Or even my foes
Just ground to walk

Some  how  some  way
Seems like a blur
I see plain as day
I lost her

Thought it was just ground 
To walk on from here on out
I was wrong
Stood in blood an inch deep
walked on ground littered again, and again
Lost good boots I once stood by

Had no voice
made my choice
I must own

These days now
These soles wore
Leather uppers cracked
Tread ground down

Takes more to clean up my boots
Not sure if I ever will get all of these stains out

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