Night Sky

poems 1



Amber gold blue streak

Across deepest indigo hues

Skies speckled nights mystique

As each stars flight ensues



The heavens spectacle for us to see

Your presence entices

Snuggled up to me

Like rare spices



Fires warm inviting glow 

Crackles, pops of embers burn

Flames ever dancing in allegro

Painted backdrop highlighted in auburn



Your head upon my chest

Honeysuckle sweet boquet arise from your hair

Just being with you while you rest

I forget the world and every care



Hear them howl and bay

Huntress calling hunter known

As night comes closer to day 

Helping him find his way home



I watch you sleep

In awe at your beauty

Such artistry would make angels weep 

You lie with such grace peerlessly



Just one thought on my mind

Surrounded by natures wonderment

As this nights show does unwind

You are heaven-sent 





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