A Bloody Feast


Zombies sit in the cemetary

Just across the street,

The are all sitting down

Ready for a bloody feast.

They wait for children

To hurriedly walk by,

So they can jump out at them

They wait there, acting sly.

The children remember stories

Being told from so long ago,

About how the zombies would eat children

And chase them, to and fro.

The zombies grow inpatient

Waiting for children to come,

Decide to go out looking for them

They don't know where their first meal would come from.

They drag their feet along the pavement

Moan and groan out loud,

Their stomachs are rumbling for food

They will eat tonight, somehow.

The children are all hiding

They won't come out to play,

After hearing the stories over the years

About zombies, taking lives away.

The zombies go back to the cemetary

They have themselves a tasty treat,

By digging up freshly buried corpses

They've looked forward, to this bloody feast.

Copyright Cynthia Jones


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A little something before Halloween. MUHAHAHAHA

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