A Fairy Filled My Cup


I was in the garden

Watching the children play,

Something had caught my eye

But, it quickly flew away.

I was curious to find out

Exactly, what it was,

A bee flew past my ear

Loudly, it did buzz.

I figured my mind

Was playing tricks on me,

So I went back to my porch

And quietly sat in my seat.

I went to take a sip of coffee

And had noticed my cup was full,

I was so sure it was half empty

Quickly sipped a mouthful.

The children were chasing the butterflies

Which they loved to do,

That something had caught my eye again

How quickly it flew.

I walked over to my gazebo

And looked around the bush,

I couldn't see anything

One of my children, gave me a push.

As I turned around

I saw a fairy fluttering there,

Topping off my coffee cup

While balancing herself on my chair.

I decided to walk over to her

And quickly, she was gone,

I quietly sipped my morning coffee

Thought of that fairy, who kept giving me some.

Copyright Cynthia Jones


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