**~**~ Lost ~**~**

Dark Poetry

She runs through the

dark depths of the woods,

she doesn't know

what she runs from.


Is there something chasing her?


Is she afraid to be alone?


Is she running away from life itself?


What is it she runs from?


She is lost,

she stops to look around

there's nothing,

but dead silence.


Where is she headed?


She doesn't know.


The mist settles in the

depths of darkness,

she hears noises.


Where are they coming from?


She looks....

but sees nothing.


She is lost to the night

she runs....

there is nowhere to hide,

the darkness scares her.


There is no light

from the moon

to help guide her way,

th wind howls

through the trees.


She stops....

her heart beats

hard and fast.


As she looks around,

she realises she's lost....


Lost to the darkness

of the woods forever.


Copyright Cynthia Jones


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Kyle Conboy's picture

Nice job with this one; i found it very metaphorical. It made me stop and think for a minute, not a lot of poems do that for me. It was very meaningful.

cynthia's picture

Thank You

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so very much for stopping by to read and comment. I truly appreciate it.

*S* Cynthia

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