Queen Of The Night

Dark Poetry

She is normal through the day,

but once the moon is out

and darkness falls,

she becomes a hungry creature

that can't hide her

hunger for blood.

She roams the

cold, wet streets,

her instincts tell her

there is food nearby.

She can't run away from

her devlish need for fresh meat,

she glances upon a

drunken man on the sidewalk,

she stalks her prey

like a lion.

He drops his bottle

on the ground,

she swoops in

for the kill.

Her sharp fangs

dig into his neck,

he collapses on the ground.

Her hunger is now fulfilled,

she gets ready

to kill again.

She is the

Queen of the night.

Copyright Cynthia Jones


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perception's picture

I really loved this, I'm very fasinated with vampires. Good visuals ^_^