I feel anger

deep within my soul,

you never call,

you never visit.


You told me

you had your life

and I had mine,

does that mean

we should treat

eachother like shit?

I've never done

anything to hurt you.

Why are you

punishing me?

Don't you love me?

I am your

only daughter,

why can't you

give me the respect

I deserve?

Is that too

much to ask?

Copyright Cynthia Jones


Author's Notes/Comments: 

My mother treats me like shit and I'm tired of it.

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Kyle Conboy's picture

I enjoy anger poetry too, as a matter of fact what I have to hide is probly my favorite poem. This one is very spirited, I liked it a lot. Its a shame your mother treats you badly, hey at least you can do something productive with those feelings by making good poetry. Just try to stay optimistic, that often works for me. Remember the glass IS half full.