Groundhog Abuse

Groundhog Day

People go pounding

upon his door

at 6 o'clock in the morning,

to get his fat,

lazy ass out of bed.

They grab him by the

scruff of his neck

and hold him high

in he air,

is he going to see

his shadow or not?

The groundhog sees

his shadow and exclaims,

"I've gained a little

weight this year."

Other places in the world,

our little, furrry, fat friend,

pokes his head out

of his hole and says,

"Nope, no shadow this year."

He gets grabbed,

before he can get

back into his hole,

"Hey, put me down,

it's not my fault

I can't see my shadow.

It's a cloudy day,

get a life."

Copyright Cynthia Jones


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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

this is funny as hell I love it any more stories?