In Remembrance

9/11 Poems

Why did it have to happen?

So many questions,

too many lost lives,

the families are still

in alot of sorrow,

trying to go on.

How could someone

be so thoughtless,

to something like that?

The children of lost ones,

have to go on

without knowing who they are,

the sadness and sorrow

that we have to feel,

because of this tragedy,

we have the right

to feel the pain,

nobody can tell us different.

To all the families,

that lost loved ones,

I feel your pain.

Let us not forget

the ones we lost,

we will all be together again,


Copyright Cynthia Jones


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In remembrance of the ones who lost their lives on Sept.11/2001.

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Kyle Conboy's picture

This is a great poem! I like it best becuase this is exactly how I feel when I think about 9/11.