Fallen Angel

Sad Poems

She used to be loved,

she did what she was told,

she never said anything bad

about anybody,

she was well liked

by everybody that knew her.

One day,

she went off on her own

and started hanging

with the wrong crowd.

She made the wrong choices,

she started drinking,

she got into smoking,

and after a while,

she got into drugs.

She threw what

she once had,

all away,

she made the mistake

of overdosing and

she passed away.

Her life would have been saved,

if she didn't let

her guard down,

to be influenced

by the wrong crowd.

Copyright Cynthia Jones


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was thinking of a song when I wrote this one.

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Kyle Conboy's picture

How true, a warning for the wise. Not that theres anything wrong with the drinking or smoking part though, lol. And what song was it that made you think of that?

Hopeless One's picture

which song and who sings it please? thank you