Terror be the Night

The things that sleep
within the dark
within rotted walls
beneath putrid tin
beneath children's beds

the darkest visage
stalks and schemes
beneath the frame
of unwary child.

Far past midnight's veil
shadows creep
through their static kin
and climb the post
with deadly stride.

prowling high upon the board
till sinister decent
of lightless skin
that creeps upon the sheets
and into the ears of sleeping child

blind the brain
with poison shadows
the rend the mind
and infect the soul.

the nightmare child
to be taken from sweetness
to be torn from innocence
squeaking and crying
struggling and thrashing
beneath the cover 'whilst dark demons
do their deeds.

And tendril reached forth
and took hold of the mind
and burrowed into its crevices
in search of the evil
that lay within.

His pains are few
his evils fewer
but they lay deep below
with the wolves within.

So forth called
these dogs of hell
so vicious
and deceit
and anger
spread forth from the mind.

Like armies they spread
the dreams ever worse
no story so frightful
no dirge so painful
as the night mares of children.

Though through the night
the day must come
and the shadows must break
and recede.

though the dreams will leave
the memory remains
every night to bring next horror
the dark to be feared.

Childhood no more
innocence be gone
only darkness remains
the shadow of the phantom's name;
Malum noxus.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a rough draft I was too tired to proof.

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