On moonlit waters, and dastardly escapes

Come my dear,
into the dark
of star-lights leer.

Here upon the cusp of fall
we sit beneath
the grasping limbs
of elder trees.

And here upon this summer's eve
we find our down trodden ways
in our secret packs
on curse'd lips.

Come now and sit
i'll tell you our tale,
of a clever boy,
a devilish daughter,
and a thousand prying eyes.

to steal away in the thick of night
in blackened streak
and the roar of drum-thunder
deep with in the beast.

of prancing gaits
and moonlit dips
we come to find our sultry way.

for tonight is of secrets
plots and twists
for this eve we will be;
for the waters are waiting
and the stars go wanting.

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