Obeah man

Obeah man son of the night
Stay with me till sleep find deese eyes
Take the soul from out dis man
Bless him by the water
Transmute from ‘im to I.

To save me from the rest
To de end I feel de pain.
Obeah man son the lady
Steal me life again
Obea man lay me down.

Crush de herbs an stoke de fire
Find de gold to close ‘im eyes
Whisper spell into ‘is ears
and steal 'is essence from 'im eyes.

Obeah man son of the night
Bring ‘im soul out to I
Pull the charms and whisper spells
Save me from de rest.

Chanting psalms of Lucifer
and switch the darkness in our eyes
pull the wear out from des bones.
sprinkle 'erbs upon 'is eyes
whisper words,
and take'is breath.

Me eyes open wide
and see de light of mortal world,
for long ‘ave dey been dark.
dis body is new
touched by de darkness
and laid on de slab.

new life in me 'ands
and praise upon me lips,
but Obeah man, ‘e won’t take no payment
Till I’m laid to rest.

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