Everything will end this way
Scuse me while I disappear,
Vanish into the air_
[andante crescendo]
(fade into black
Fall into sin,
Defeat myself)
While you hold your head up high
Watching on, mesmerized_
(Diabolically hypnotized)
To end this day
To win this fight
Beyond myself,
Fade into black
Fall out of time
End this world
While I hide in shame
Take your lead
While I disappear!_

[decrescendo lente]
I know its not your time_
But I fear mine more than yours_
I fear this is our end;
I feel it’s time to disappear
[andante crescendo]
Herald up to god
Followed outa hell
Turn and face the sun
Out of blood and dust;
(time I disappear)
The painful lust
Deceitful taste
The vengeance boils
I’m no friend of yours_

Author's Notes/Comments: 

another try at lyrics

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