The Dream

As soon as the sun hit your eyes I knew

That you were here for me and i for you

But you came up to me unsure maybe of what to say or do

And you were at a loss for words when I finally spoke to you

"Hi, I'm new here is what was said"

You took my hand and by it you led

Me to my own mothers death bed

"Why to here have I been led?"

"Just wait a little longer more patiently"

My mother coughed 2 times then drifted into her sleep

"Why did ou bring me here to see

Is she coming to be with me?"

As I awoken from my slumber

I frantically thought about her number

Frantically I called that number

I said, "Are you okay?" when she picked up that number

Someone said, "You should come here

She wants for only you to be near,

So that your voice she can hear

So that finally what subsides is her fear."

And to my childhood house I did go

Wondering if I'd ever know

Wondering if I'd ever grow

To understand why this early she had to go

Sometimes the world teaches us to see the unknown

Hoping that by it, somehow we've grown

Into the people we've always known

The ones who helped us be on our own

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written O9.O6.O6

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