days of the living dead

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~ exPRESSions ~

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pardon the typos in the title: !'if' should be 'of.' This poem written 10 years ago stems from an emotional state from 40 years ago now.

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What he said. I agree with

What he said.


I agree with the scholar and word virtuoso, Starward, that structure was not just a slapped-together foundation for the content in this ravishing work of art, but content itself.  


Cadence, form and the purest pain are chiseled to an otherworldly beauty that needs no further embellishment from me.


Your accomplishment speaks for itself.


Respect and awe. 

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Thank you Patricia. Slapping

Thank you Patricia. Slapping together is quite inadequate, even with the making of a proper sandwich and to sit down and bring a poem into being is somewhat akin to sculpting and other visual art forms, including architecture and engineering design, only with thought through words. I suppose as with photography, poetry may be mistakenly taken for a shallow point and shoot scribble and slap together affair. Which is why there is a modicum of respect towards poems and poets that exemplify through their finished work the evidences of thought, consideration, crafting and marrying thought with articulative expression. In so saying I am privileged at the assessments that have been thoughtfully laid out in the Reply Boxes each time a person chooses to journey with my poems rather than just gloss over them or slapdash a comment with a dismissive peremptoriness. This shows me how much they have themselves have gone through similar if not even more intricate a process in their poetical endeavours. 

here is poetry that doesn't always conform

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This poem is not only one of

This poem is not only one of your finest, it is one of the finest I have read, here or anywhere else, in a long, long time.  I am particularly impressed by its double effect:  the meaning of the content it presents, and the beauty of the way the words assemble and conduct the poetic process as it moves through the lines.  In most poems the content as presented is paramount, and the arrangement of the words is subordinate, almost to the point of being ignored by many readers.  But in this poem, the impact of the content and the effect of the poem's physical construction---the words, chosen, the contours of the line, etc.---are equally beautiful.  It reminds me of one of the old spring driven, key-wound, clocks (I happen to own one---inherited through my father from my great-grandfather).  One can look at the face to get the time of day (which is how most poems are treated).  Or one can open the clock and look at the beautiful arrangement of the gears, the perfect balance of the escapement:  and this is the verbal structure of your poem.  I am very, very (and highly, highly) impressed by your verbal skill and artistry.  The balance and movement of a clock's internal gearing is like the balance and movement of the stars and planet upon the face of the sky.  And your poem's beauty and structure occupies that vertical area between them.


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An expression of gratitude is

An expression of gratitude is in order here Starward. Thank you. Most of the respected contributors and participants in various sites have likewise noted publicly how this poem has presented itself in a form they deemed worthy of such note. And though the angles and facets with which they expounded on each were varied and quite interesting, the core of it is quite a successful run with the critical inspection on varying wavelengths. That naturally stirs up an inner excitement and awe at how and what poetry and poems are potentially capable of! (poetentialities) As a seasoned essayist (as it is evidenced in your consistency or reviewing) you have yet again brought to light with such clarity and structure the salient features and observations which are very informative as well as educative. It is saddening to note the general proclivity of the many to ignore the inner workings, the more subordinate features of word arrangement. Words are so beautiful and their arrangement like a ballet or ikebana if we are so willing and disposed. Hence the beauty of the clock's internal gearing as an effective and aesthetic image to bring to life this point. I have always been fascinated with moving solar system models and suspect timepiece and clock experts would understand and pull off almost exclusively. My only desire at this present considering is to witness a concrete example of that vertical area between them that you have pointed to. Thanks again and your well being and health are at the top of my petitions in prayer.

here is poetry that doesn't always conform