Life in Peace or Pieces

sometimes, i think this life is not for me
within, an eternal war,
raging to leave and shut the door.


what is it like, to try,
to let the past stay in the past.


Do good, be honest, and always stay true
that was the goal i set out to do
feet slipping off the ledge,
into madness, into there,
where theres only darkness.


yet through the cracks of my weary soul,
                                                 sun shines.


I scream, so the lonely world will hear me,
Its you, its me, its us
hand in hand, weill take the bad
stop it right in its tracks.


oh what a dream, what a night,


I take the mask off my unshaved face
cant hide within the masquerade
wont run away from the grenade
be, as it blows, as the sun rose.


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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

beautifully done.  I like the

beautifully done.  I like the style of this one even more than your usual poems, but i'm not sure exactly why.  

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An interesting and nice read.

An interesting and nice read.