A Mother's Strength


Wrinkles are shown all over her skin
Once a straight back now slightly bend
White hair now covers her head
Perfect teeth already lost with age
Cataract is now evident in her sight
When she send us to bed each night
She used to sing us sweet lullabies.

We call on her when we are sick
She keep watch all night and remain alert
Her name we call when we had nightmares
When we cry she dries our tears
She encouraged us to be better
To be strong and strive harder
To be ready and be prepared
To face life, fair and square

Above all, she taught us about Faith
That in times of trouble and heartache
Just kneel down and pray
Tell God that we are weary
And entrust everything in His mercy
For surely, He will never turned away.

The things that you have to bear
To keep us all straight and clear
These we shall always remember
We are lucky you are our mother.

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For Our Dear Mother

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