The Queen Waits In Her Tower

Love Poetry

Into your waiting arms she leaps,

the redheaded beauty

who has haunted your dreams.

You've both been waiting

almost forever it seems,

to be near one another at last.

To see the truth that lives

behind eachothers eyes,

the love that is overflowing.

The place where you first meet,

holding in eternity the bond

that brought you both together.

All the dreams of the other,

arms wrapped around eachother

drifting into a peaceful sleep.

Now reality takes over,

those arms are really there

so no tears are shed tonight.

Only happiness is felt

soaring through every fingertip,

as the lovers are together at last.

Never again to fear heartbreak,

because they now have eachother

in forever's infinite plan.

No more loneliness to hold,

only hugs to keep the smiles

from ever fading away.

Not a single tear drop to fall,

only kisses upon their cheeks

to remember that love is there.

The queen takes the prince's

hand into her own,

devoting every moment to him.

The prince makes her a promise

to always be by her side

no matter what the cost.

But the fairy tale is only beginning,

because this love has always been

made to last throughout eternity..

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