The Key to Me

Love Poetry

Tied up and bound,

inside a cage in my mind.

The past is what keeps me,

locked away in my pain.

Somewhere along the way,

you found the key to me.

Flew down from heaven,

to come rescue me.

Set me free,

from all that was inside.

Picked me up in your arms,

and flew me far away.

Brought me to the land of love,

where my heart could roam free.

But with one look at you,

you stole my breath away.

Planting just a single kiss,

upon my ruby lips,

you gave my breath back to me.

Wrapping my arms,

around you tight

My heart made a

place just for you.

And as each day passes,

I cannot thank God enough.

For sending an angel

down to rescue me.

He opened my eyes,

to all that is love.

And he promised

to always be true to me.

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