My Lover, My Friend, My Life

Love Poetry

How is it that I fel so loneyl

when you say that you hold me each night?

Why is it that I am standing here alone

and yet I feel your presence..

Through the glory of a telephone

I get to hear your laugh miles away

Listen to how your day wnet

and everything else you have to say.

My heart breaks every damn time I say goodbye

Spend my entire day thinking only of you

everytime I open my mouth I speak of you.

Everything I see, reminds me of you

and I die because of the distance between us.

That seemingly neverendless area of space

that rips my very heart out of my chest.

I would give life and limb just to be near you,

to feel your arms wrapped around me tight,

to sleep next to you in your arms,

and to know the feel of your skin against mine.

Your the answer to my prayers

the keeper of the key to my heart

My lover, My friend, my life

you are the reason for who I am right now.

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