My Life's Story

Love Poetry

Inside my head lie all these voices

that shout out all of my faults.

Flash pictures in front of my eyes

all the painful memories of the past.

He never truely loved me,

he wanted someone else.

He was just looking for some action,

and this one was just like the rest.

Constantly tortured by everything

thats cursed my fucking life.

Broken hearts, half truths and abuse

all still ring inside my dreams.

I remember those nights I spent with him

wrapped inside those arms.

The tears he always made me cry

and the reasons I found to stay.

He was slightly different,

a friend that had become more.

But instead of complete happiness

he crushed my heart on the floor.

This one was just as off

a friend I'd recently fallen for.

Outside of my house some night

as he pressed his lips against mine.

He told me he'd fallen in love with me

but yet he walked away.

And my heart once again punctured

by the torture of falling in love.

In all of love's glory

where were those happy days

that everyone claims exist.

When your with the one you love,

I've never felt that bliss.

Searching high and searching low,

trying to find my one true soulmate.

Out of options I gave up one day

to find that it was you I needed.

I've tried so hard to find

just one moment of glory,

but in you I have truely found

the rest of my life's story.

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