Forgive Me

Depressed Poetry

Will you forgive me as I splatter your heart on the floor?

Watch the blood dripping down the racks

the twinkle in your eyes disappears

as I crush the last ounce of love your body contains.

Tears freely falling now I turn my back on you

you had your chance, but I screwed it up

my desire for lust clouded my need to be loved.

I crawl back into the disappointment that is now my life

given up the only thing that mattered, the only one who cared

I am left with a void, one that can be eventually filled

or so my hope screams inside of me.

I listen at night, to the screams escaping your lips

closed my eyes and I saw your tears flowing

My mistakes cost you everything you had

I'm the reason you felt the need to bleed.

But wait..

It wasn't me who was blinded..

It was you....

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