I'd Give Anything

Depressed Poetry

I'd Give Anything

One more opportunity to see you smile,

or just to walk beside you down the street.

Sitting across the kitchen table fromyou,

eating another x-mas dinner, surrounded by laughter.

For one more neverending hug,

and a chance to tell you i love you still.

Late nights when we stayed up to talk,

discussing our lives at a younger age.

Just one more nighttime prayer,

and a rosary before going to church.

Kneeling next to your bed with you,

thanking God for watching over us.

One more breakfast morning together,

my favorite cereal you always had.

Another family holiday together,

I promise that I would be there.

Just one last moment with you,

a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

One last moment to tell you

that I will always love you Grandma.

For that, I'd give anything....

*Dedicated to my grandmother*

(05/21/1929 - 11/06/2006)

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