Scattered Reflections


A thousand butterfly kisses

flap their way across your lips.

Your smile almost as enchanting

as the beauty within your eyes.

A fingertip softly traces my spine,

my heart flutters in my chest.

The imprint of silk remains

as your lips find my bare skin.

Flesh upon flesh,

my mind wanders

to the feel of his gentle touch.

Igniting the passion within my heart,

a single caress of the hand.

Hot breath

collapses against my neck,

a trail of goosebumps


Fingertips tracing my spine,

a flash of sudden chills

explode across my body.

Close your eyes

sweet angel,

as I shatter within your arms.

Silence the screams in my head

before they control my mind.

Allow me to break

into a million scattered

reflections of you.

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