Eternal Darkness

Depressed Poetry

Eternal Darkness

Dancing alone in a crowded room,

filled with all their shattered dreams.

Screaming beneath endless rows of feet,

crushing them down into fairy dust.

Hearts broken falling to the floor,

never bother to cry out for any help.

Given up on hopeless dreams of love,

only to fall through a broken door.

The impact, their only instant death,

a heart will bleed no more on this night.

Safe from the harm they all foresee,

flowing through the darkest shadows.

A few tiny droplets of blood escape,

falling on the shattered dreams below.

Making them cry out for salvation of

the emptiness now consuming their soul.

Tiptoeing through a few lost hopes,

wandering across their dying fantasies.

Their screams burrowing into my ears,

rattling at the threshold of my mind.

Their darkest secrets pounding in my head,

destroying what was once fragile inside.

Tears spill out from the sides of my face,

covering me in their own sinful diseases.

My heart bleeds from deep within my soul,

the darkness creeping it's way inside of me.

Hiding itself behind a few scattered tears,

waiting to rip my soul into a million pieces.

Only to watch myself burning into eternity,

losing the tight grip on reality as I stumble.

Eternal darkness surrounding my soul,

crushing me into it's design, I lay destroyed.

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